One Week Until Extra Life Game Day

We are now only seven days away from my annual fundraiser for Extra Life, an event that connects video and tabletop game enthusiasts with their local Children’s Miracle Network hospitals, ending in a 24-hour gaming marathon. Since 2017, I have raised nearly $5000 USD with the help of friends, family, and colleagues!

Last year’s fundraiser

Starting at 9:30 PM EDT on November 4 I will be livestreaming my sixth annual gaming and fundraising marathon in support of the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children and the SickKids Foundation. ICUs are full, emergency wait times are ballooning, and SickKids could use any amount you are able to give.

Please consider making a donation! All contributions are tax-deductible.

I would also appreciate if you dropped by during my marathon! I’ll need help staying awake, and having people to talk to and share old games with can make the hours fly by. You can watch on my fundraising page or directly on my Twitch channel.

If you have questions just reach out!