New Giganti Revision

Over the pandemic lockdowns when we could not train in person, my fencing club held a weekly online reading night. As my translation of Nicoletto Giganti’s Scola, overo teatro (1606) is our main source text, we decided to work through the book chapter by chapter, giving me plenty of opportunities to re-examine my work and correct issues as they came up. At a certain point it became clear that the document had become different enough to make it worth doing a thorough editing pass before releasing it to the community again. Although there were very few substantive changes, the language has been considerably cleaned up, particularly in the forward’s crash course in the early modern philosophy of science.

You can find it under Translations.

As always, I welcome feedback. I do, however, have a couple major translation projects on the go and this is quite likely to be the last update to Scola, overo teatro outside of any typos or other minor issues that crop up. I have yet to update the version that appears on Wiktenauer, so if you use that as a reference, please keep in mind that the text there should be considered out of date until I get around to putting up this latest version.